Frequently asked questions about MG

The MG6 runs on gasohol 91, gasohol 95 and E20.

The price starts at 848,000 THB; the price of each MG6 car can be found here:

You are able to walk-in to experience a MG at the authorized MG Dealers at or complete the form to arrange a test drive at You will be contacted to confirm your test drive schedule as soon as possible.

MG6 brochures are available at MG authorized dealers and can be downloaded from

The manufacturing plant in Thailand is at Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Thailand.

For the latest promotion, please contact MG authorized dealers

That depends on the type and the color of the car. You may contact MG authorized dealers for more details.

You may contact the nearest MG authorized dealers for more details.