MG showcases innovation concept car and offers special deals at “Motor Expo 2018”

SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd. and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of the innovative MG car is showcasing “MG E-Motion” prototype car, an ideal combination of SAIC’s forefront technology, creative designs, and fast in-car Internet. In addition, it introduces a “New MG 3 Limited Edition”, a sporty hatchback that perfectly corresponds to the new generation’s lifestyle, and announced a variety of special year- end deals for those looking for a new innovative car at The 35th Thailand International Motor Expo 2018, from 29 November – 10 December 2018 at Challenger 1-3, IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani.


Mr. Pongsak Lertrudeewattanawong, Vice-President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. said: “Our commitment has been in introducing automotive innovation to further enhance MG driver’s experience and drive the future of automotive industry with more intelligent cars that integrate Internet with its functions and has option for alternative energy. The "MG E-Motion" prototype car is our highlight display at the Motor Expo this year. It reflects our approach to future automobile development. Aside from the super-sporty design, it is powered by zero-emission electricity and comes with Internet connectivity to the online world. Moreover, we unveil a “New MG 3 Limited Edition” for customers who love full option hatchback that are equipped with convenient functions and fully equipped safety technology. Only 100 units are available.”


”During the past years, we had proved our strong determination to operate business in Thailand. Since the launch of the first MG car in 2014 until now, we have been growing steadily in every aspect. The sales now exceed 43,000 units. The service expansion consists of distributor and showroom addition, which now there are over 100 showrooms across the country. For after sales, we have the Passion Service program that goes beyond general service standard with onsite checkup, 4-year quantity warranty or 120,000 km., 24-hour emergency service, Call Center 1267, and a courtesy car. We strive to be the new technology leader that creates more comfort and safety by being the first manufacturer who introduces Smart Car, which comes with i-SMART intelligent operating system that supports voice command in Thai and is installed in the MG ZS and New MG3. We are planning to develop a new version with fresh user interface and enhanced voice commands, as well as the development of other functions that the MG ZS and New MG3 drivers will soon be able to upgrade.”


 “This year at MG booth, we incorporate a digital touch to showcase some of our technologies that aims to further enhance customer’s experience such as customers can place their coffee order through voice-command technology at Smart Café or request for quotation through digital system. These are just some of the highlighted activities that visitors of MG booth will get to experience.” Mr. Pongsak Lertrudeewattanawong added.


All MG models at The 35th Thailand International Motor Expo 2018

  • MG E-Motion prototype car: A combination of sporty roadster design on a new electric module structure from SAIC which can accelerate from 0-100 kph in less than four seconds and can drive over 500 km. with ease on a single charge.


  • New MG 3 Limited Edition: An upgraded version of the New MG3 Model X White with pitch black roof, rear spoiler, and side skirts. Powered by the new 1.5-litre 112-horsepower with automatic Torque Converter gear and full option safety system. Limited series of only 100 vehicles.


  • New MG3: New colourful hatchback comes with the tagline “WE ARE FUN”. A latest additional model from MG, with a distinguish exterior design, modern-premium interior and intelligent i-SMART system, powered by the new 1.5-litre 112-horsepower engine at 6,000 rounds per minute with new automatic transmission. Integrated safety technology with eight Synchronized Protection Systems functions to ensure safety and fun on every drive.


  • MG ZS: Smart SUV with the intelligent i–SMART system that supports Thai Voice Command for an unprecedented driving experience. The DOHC VTi-TECH 4-cylinder petrol engine produces 114-horsepower at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 150 Nm at 4,500 rpm, combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission with manual mode to meet every need to the full capacity.


  • MG GS: Sport SUV with TURBO 2.0 litre gasoline engine delivering up to 218-horsepower, with acceleration from 0-100km/hr in 8.2 seconds. Elegant interior with Piano Black console and an 8-inch touch screen and monitor switch panel designed with complete driving safety in mind. A 6-way adjustable front seat and reclining backrest of up to 14-degrees, foldable 60:40 rear seats and an Electronic Sunroof for the ultimate driving pleasure.


  • MG5: Compact 4-door coupe car with a spacious interior and seating that features Turbo 1.5 litres engine delivering 129-horsepower, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and a 1.5-litre 106-horsepower engine with E85 fuel. Confidence in every drive with the EUROPEAN TUNING SUSPENSION which provides excellent road holding and stability with a four-wheel disk break.




Special offers for customers who book an MG at the Motor Expo 2018 or at any MG showrooms nationwide from today until 10 December 2018 and officially receive the car by December 31, 2018.

  • 90-day free drive of any MG model for buyers with a down payment of 15% or more*
  • 0-baht down payment for government officers and employees of state enterprises, plus a financing term up to 84 months*
  • A minimum down payment of only 10% for office workers with monthly income, no guarantor needed*
  • A discount of 50,000 baht (in value) for new graduates who purchase any model of MG 3*


Special offers for selected models are as follows:

  • New MG 3: Choose from a minimum down payment of 5% or 25,950 baht, or a minimum monthly installment of 5,182 baht, or get a free Body Kit. *
  • MG ZS: Get 1.69% interest along with a down payment of only 25% and a financing term of 48 months. *
  • MG 5: Choose from a minimum down payment of 5% or 32,450 baht, or minimum monthly installment of 7,007 baht. *
  • MG GS 2.0T: Get 0% interest for up to 60 months. *
  • MG GS 1.5T: Choose from 1.29% interest or monthly installment of 9,443 baht. *


A free set of floor carpet and one-year auto insurance policy are available for free for the purchase of any MG model.


For those who are interested or would like to take a test drive in an MG, please visit The 35th THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2018, from now until December 10, 2018 at the MG booth, Challenger 1-3, IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani or any MG showroom across the country. 

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