From the passion of driving
to the passion of mobilizing “MG” business.
MG Successful
in 2015

“MG” delighted to see its sales volume skyrockets progressively hence plans to develop all aspects.


“MG” scales up the investment by purchasing an estate to construct automobile production base.


Another mature step with the rapid expansion nationwide.


Why MG Dealer
  • 01
  • The business plan is our first priority
  • It is not surprising to find SAIC motor Ltd, the 7th automotive company in the world, to prioritize the Thai market as number 1 considering the country’s manufacturing capacity and the compentence in the automotive business. The company is willing to support every aspect substaintially with dinstinctive products and the methods of business executions etc.
  • 02
  • MG’s distinctiveness as a brand and the products
  • MG fully realizes the new generation of consumers with their needs that change ever so quickly. But, we are prepared to offer new driving experiences in using European standard cars by continuously introducing varied products that still maintain MG’s distinctive identity.
  • 03
  • Stable and formidable policies
  • MG supports the dealers with formidable sales policies in the Thai market and is willing to aid the dealers in other aspects as well by promoting constant markeing activities underneath MG’s remarkable brand creation.
  • 04
  • CP’s infinite resources
  • SAIC’s efficiency together with CP’s reliable robustness in the Thai market hold all the complete necessity namely the retail business, the media including positive ties with the public sector. This will mobilize the business operation to become successful.
  • Future of MG
    “MG” sees the robustness of the automotive market
    in Thailand and ASEAN.
    Hence, we have laid down long term plans to become one of the leaders in automobile manufacturers in Thailand. We believe that the distinctive appearance and the quality automotive innovation that utilizes European technological engineering to obtain worldwide acceptance will successfully capture the hearts of the Thai consumers.
    Moreoever, we will continually proceed to improve the quality of the cars and the services to make MG a brand that co-exist with the Thais sustainably. These are the significant keys of MG

    To increase the number of showrooms and customer service facilities to reach 100 locations nationwide within 2016 to gain confidence from the customers and to respond to every assistance as soon as possible.

    Never cease to develop to step up to become the TOP 10 in the Thai automotive market in 2016.

    To continuously gain cumulative sales volume to be more than 15,000 cars in 2016.

    To receive acceptance in terms of capacity, price, design and after sales service along with the potential to progress to the 1ST Tier Brand within 5 years.

    To scale up the investment by constructing a new manufacturing factory at Hemarach Eastern Seaboard 2 Industrial Estate in Chonburi province. This move will effectively enhance the capacity to produce as many as 200,000 cars per year. In addition, it will allow Thailand to become the manufacturing base to export MG right- hand drive cars worldwide and also to be the central hub for ASEAN’s automotive market.

    To continue to develop automotive innovations by building the TEACHNICAL CENTRE to research and develop MG cars in Thailand.

    To introduce new products constantly to cover every segment within 5 years to respond to every lifestyle in every age group appropriately.

    To have alternative energy products to provide choices for environmental group of consumers and to develop alongside Thailand. However, this is dependent of the demand in the Thai market.

    Success Story
    “MG” believes that MG car has the quality and the standard to compete in the domestic automotive market.
    So, we have entered the market to offer the consumers more choices. Additionally, we have cooperated with the Thai investors with visions to operate automotive business. Here are the voices from the Thai investors and the MG car dealers expressing their decisions to cooperate and grow with us.

    “MG Suratthani” moving forward with determination to continually expand more branches to cover the Southern region.

    We have a goal to expand the showroom and the customer service facility. to be more integrated.


    “Sales growth exceeded expectation” the pride of “MG” Sukhumvit 62

    The 21 years experience in automotive sales business for Auto Gallery Brit Ltd., enabled the company to see the growth potential in MG.


    “MG Charoenkrung-Sathon” exceeded expected sales due to the foreseeable potential

    We decided to invest with “MG” because it is a world-recognized automotive brand from the UK.