Why MG?

“That’s why we have “MG” in this world”

With the belief that state-of-art automobile engineering and technology do not necessarily exist only on the race track, but also on the road, the two leading figures in world automobile, Mr. William Morris, a mechanic who turned to be and industrialist and Cecil Kimber,
a visionary salesperson formed a partnership that gave birth to the first British car brand. Since 1924, MG has become the brand gathered numbers of credentials and reputations both on and off the race tracks.

The vision of the two started with their dream to develop MG to be a fascinating sports car that possess unique characters, identity of dynamic British car that has been known to
the world for almost
a century.

From the beginning, MG, the British car brand accumulated numbers of silverwares representing countless successes, including speed record maker, the best-selling sports car,
the best sports car brand in the world. MG legendary models like Old Number One, 14/28, K3 Magnetta, TC, MGA, Midget, GT V8, MGF constantly regenerate MG’s unique character, which is ‘Passion Drives’. MG has, therefore, been, over several decades, regarded as the cars which are engineered with pure passion in speed, freedom on the road.

One of the unique character of MG, that no one could ever match is typically British dynamism. This ‘Brit Dynamic’ is reflected by every single element of the Brand MG. That includes, engineering features, driving behavior,
interior- exterior styling, as well as the soul of MGs. Those who are behind MG steering wheels, can always feel
that uniqueness.

Performance from engine power, impeccable and flawless transmission, chassis design that allows maximum driving enjoyment, active safety, typically British design are all elements that regenerate those who are passionate in MG
at any point in MG history remain fascinated with the brand.

And today, MG arrives to Thailand

With the belief that Thai customers possess sophisticated and refined taste in their choices of cars, Thai customers deserve car that are fascinating, cars that are engineered with the best available engineering. Today with the partnership of MG, SAIC Motor, the world leading car manufacturers, (ranked 130th from top 500 global companies) the MG brand owner and CP Group, one of Thailand’s top conglomerates who’s business in 14 different industries, the brand MG makes its return to the Thai market once more.

MG’s First Step in Thailand

Like other legendary MG over the past 90 years, the MG6 remains a fascinating British sports car. 1.8 litre engine with turbo matched with 6 speed automatic gearbox with Dual Clutch technology allows the drivers to feel
authentic performance as well as seamless transmission at its purest form.
With unique styling that represents sportiveness and agility of MG, even those who see this MG6 with naked eyes can be fascinated with the brand MG forever. It has been said that once you experience it, you will forever fall in love with British sportiveness. And… you will fall in love with MG