Smart real-time technology

that allows you to connect, communicate and control
your MG car...anywhere anytime.


MG car & inkaNet

inkaNet is an innovative technology developed by SAIC Motor in 2010.
In its initial stage, inkaNet focused primarily on delivering real-time 
entertainment by interfacing with the internet. SAIC Motor then raised
the bar in the global automotive industry, including Thailand, by
enhancing inkaNet’s technical Cabability to include navigation and 
vehicle safety systems.

Internet of Things

A cutting-edge technology

that reflects the arrival of a modern lifestyle categorically known as the “Internet of Things”. Simply put, it is how people have become part of the connected world with smart mobile devices that serve as their personal information centers. MG is fully aware of this global trend and therefore has
developed and introduced inkaNet for the first time in 2010.

inkaNet is an intelligent safety telematics communication system designed specifically for the MGautomobile and MG driver; this unique technology is comfortably accessed via a mobile smart phone.

inkaNet Registration



This function lets drivers call or pick-up any incoming calls via the touchscreen
without having to use a mobile phone.


This function lets drivers receive or send SMS messages via the touchscreen
without having to use a mobile phone.


This function acts like a Wi-Fi router, allowing drivers to surf the Internet
and share Wi-Fi signals from the touchscreen to mobile phones
or other electronic devices.

  • Mileage
  • Battery
  • Fuel
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Bonnet
  • Key Position
  • Door Status

Vehicle Status Update

This function informs the driver of current vehicle status
such as distance travelled, whether doors were closed properly,
battery power level, fuel level and outside temperature.

  • Find My Car
  • Unlock
  • Lock

Remote Vehicle Control

This function provides the driver utmost convenience: the driver
may unlock or lock vehicle doors from anywhere via a smart
phone or via the MG Call Center. In addition, this feature allows
the driver to easily locate his or her MG car in a parking lot by
using the Find My Car function to turn on the front headlights of
the vehicle.

  • Vehicle Alarm
  • SMS warning

Vehicle Alarm

This function enhances the security of an MG car in a way that
exceeds normal expectations. when an unlikely car movement is
detected, or unlikely engine start, an SMS warning and a push
notification will be sent to the driver’s smartphone.


this function allows the driver to monitor the whereabouts of the
car at all times no matter where it is. In the case of the car being
stolen, the MG owner can call the MG Call Center for assistance
in vehicle recovery & vehicle location identification. Moreover, it
can report POI (Point of Interest), and recommend the best
route to the point of interest.

  • Engine System
  • Engine Performance
  • Cooling Liquid
  • Safety System
  • Braking System
  • Airbag

Remote Vehicle Diagnosis

this function provides a smart service to the MG driver by letting
him or her know a problem sign or potential engine problem such
as the engine, braking system, airbag, etc. The driver may then
contact the MG Call Center to remotely access the system and
diagnose the problems.

  • Push Notification
  • SMS warning

Electronic Fence

This function offers the range of driving or trip. The owners can
define the range of trip from 500 meters to 10 kilometres
from the centre in realtime. If the car is out of range, the system
will send push notification and SMS so that your car will be safe
in your hand anywhere

Fuel Consumption

This function provides fuel consumption rate. It updates driving
behaviour to fuel consumption rate in average, weekly and monthly.
MG owners can compere fuel consumption rate with other MG
owners so that they can improve driving behaviour.

Travel Plan

This function facilitates drivers by sending the trip plan from their
computers to in-car touch screen monitor to make sure that
MG owners will never miss any of trips


This MG personal assistance facilitates you to contact MG Call Center
to get helpful information. MG Call Center can send you POI
(Point of Interest) and route to your in-car touch screen monitor
without your search effort